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Are you winter ready?

Updated: Apr 10

C.W.Feltham Ltd has a guide with tips and advice on how to check your Land Rover is ready for the cold season.

The weather here in Somerset certainly has changed for the worse in the last few days signalling the approach of winter!

We are all guilty of a little summer complacency when it comes to our vehicles and driving conditions. Our driving styles become a little more relaxed with most of our driving happening in daylight, dry roads, windows open with the breeze blowing through our hair… Suddenly, almost overnight, we need our headlights on for the daily commute, the dial on the climate control goes from 16˚ to 24˚ and our wipers are on more than off. We are more tired at the start and end of the day and our tolerance levels seem to lessen.

“We need to adapt the way we drive during the winter and be prepared for journeys that may take us through very varied weather, road and traffic conditions.”

You may think, ‘This doesn’t apply to me, I am always a careful and conscientious driver!’ but remember, you are not the only driver on the road PLUS Mother Nature can catch even the most careful driver out. Whilst you may not cause an accident, you may still be involved in an accident. However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves! There are a few simple things you can do to help ensure your Land Rover is WinterReady.


Check your Brakes

Stopping distances increase in wet conditions and more again in icy weather.

Check your Tyres

Those four round strips of rubber are very important to your road safety! The legal tread depth is 1.6mm HOWEVER 3mm is a preferred minimum tread depth. Your brakes stop the rotation of your wheels, the tyres are what grips the road and stops the motion of your vehicle. Less tread equals less grip, especially on wet or greasy surfaces such as fallen leaves.

Your tyre pressure is also important to the performance of your tyres so get them checked.


Check Lights (ALL of them)

Are all bulbs working?

    Front side, main and full beam

    Rear tail lights and brake lights

    Front and rear fog lights


Are the lenses clean?

    Remember, these will need to be checked regularly as salt and mud will soon diminish the clarity of your lenses.

Check your Windscreen

The outside of your windscreen is easy to clean but don’t forget the inside. Use a good glass cleaner and some scrunched up newspaper to degrease the inside of your windscreen. It is worth a couple of extra minutes to do all your windows and don’t forget your mirrors too.

Also check for any chips as these are likely to worsen in the winter with cold weather. It’s cheaper and less inconvenient to get any small chips sorted now than finding yourself stuck on the side of the road because your windscreen has blown out.

Check your Wipers

Your visibility will only be as good as your wipers. If your blades are dull or have poor contact with the windscreen then their wiping capabilities will be impaired and you will have a smeared screen not a clear screen. A top tip for prolonging the life of your blades is to gently lift each blade from the windscreen in icy weather BEFORE you enter the vehicle and turn on your ignition.

Check your Fluids

Keep the screen wash and coolant/antifreeze topped up.

It is a legal requirement to have a clear screen and so you need screen wash. Water is not a cheaper substitute because you don’t need to be a science boffin to know that WATER FREEZES! Frozen water will not clean your windscreen but frozen water can also cause damage when the screen wash button is activated leading to a costly repair that could easily have been avoided.

Coolant is required all year round to keep the engine cool and running at the correct temperature, even in winter. The ‘antifreeze’ part prevents the coolant from… freezing! Without this important fluid your Land Rover could be coming in with a very costly engine failure, and by costly we mean you will seriously regret not spending a few minutes and pounds on checking this.


These are all things you can check yourself but if you don’t feel confident in your knowledge or you would simply feel more confident having your vehicle professionally checked, book in with us for your *FREE Land Rover Winter Check.


Allow extra time for your journey. Traffic increases in the winter when those summer walkers & cyclists return to the warmth and comfort of their vehicles in the winter. Weather and road conditions also mean slower driving speeds so allow yourself a little extra time.

Keep a little further back as stopping distances increase in wet/icy conditions.

Keep a coat and/or blanket in your vehicle just in case you find yourself broken down in wet/cold weather. It is also a good idea to have a bottle of water and a packet of biscuits hidden away as you don’t know how long you may find yourself immobile! A few other things to keep in your vehicle are Hazard Triangle and Light, a Tow Rope, a Hi-Vis Vest and Our Telephone Number!

*FREE Land Rover Winter Check is a visual inspection of your lights, tyres, brake pads & discs, screen wash & coolant/antifreeze levels, windscreen and wiper blades on any Land Rover and Range Rover models. It does not include any parts, repairs or servicing that may be required. You will be fully advised before any costs are incurred.


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