Land Rover and Range Rover SERVICING

Have you ever taken your vehicle to a generic garage and they've scratched their heads, told you a whole host of possibilities, or told you they can't do it? Land Rover vehicles require specialist kowledge and equipment.

Our workshops are fully equipped to deal with all of your Land Rover or Range Rover servicing requirements.

Our Jaguar Land Rover trained technicians are armed with the latest in diagnostic equipment, both from Land Rover (SDD and Pathfinder) and elsewhere (Autologic and Diagnostic Associates).

JLR pathfinder 2_edited.jpg

This enables us to carry out any service that your Land Rover or Range Rover may require. If you are still in the warranty period for your vehicle then we will use genuine Land Rover parts throughout your service. If your warranty has expired then you also have the option of using OE parts*.

If your vehicle has an online service history record, then we are able to keep this up to date as we have access to Land Rover TOPIx; this also gives us Land Rover technical specifications and the ability to update (if required) your onboard control systems.

JLR TOPIx_edited.jpg

*OE parts, sometimes called OEM, are "original equipment manufacture". They are parts made by the same company that provide Land Rover with their genuine parts, so you are getting Land Rover quality at a discounted price.